Jay Dreams is a film consulting agency with a unique mindset, offering new pre-production, production and distribution strategies for feature movies and series. We aim to bring your story to life by selecting the most suitable method to develop it.


Gather original film ideas through international marketing campaigns, and select the one that best responds to our criteria.
Develop tailored pre-production, production and distribution strategies based on market research, studies and statistics.
Put the appropriate specialists in place to execute the project, and ensure they follow the agreed strategies.
Penetrate different markets, and expose the film to a wide audience through a variety of platforms.


Our mission is to help independent and talented scriptwriters and filmmakers around the world successfully develop, execute and deliver international films with a cultural identity. We aim to guarantee, through up-to-date studies and statistics, that our projects will be viewed by a broad number of spectators.


We witness a world where independent scriptwriters and filmmakers struggle to fund, produce, and deliver their unique projects. In parallel, we believe that film companies are in constant need of originality and talent. Jay dreams therefore envisions connecting these entities to create international films grounded in cultural identity.

What makes us different


We select ideas based on their potential, rather than on external factors such as available funding
and grants.


As a film consultancy agency, we work with international specialists, flexibly adapting our operations based on the project’s needs.


We encourage collaboration between investors, producers, and distributors that would otherwise work independently.


We exhibit up-to-date knowledge of different markets around the world, facilitating our ability to sell projects internationally.

The Founder

With a PhD topic of cinema economics, the founder of Jay Dreams has studied the filmmaking process from pre-production to distribution across several markets around the world. In parallel with her quantitative and qualitative research in the field, she has launched Jay Dreams to overcome geographical barriers to filmmaking. She is committed to inspiring talented individuals with original ideas to create globally-recognized films with a cultural identity.

The Team

Jay Dream’s team is comprised of seasoned consultants, each of whom have examined projects in professional companies. The specialists are comprised of both men and women from varied backgrounds and age groups.

Each project is quantified and qualified across multiple benchmarks. You and your team can feel confident your project has been professionally vetted before going into production.


Jay Dreams recommends certified studies to enhance your script or movie’s potential.
You can apply today to strengthen your project.

Script Evaluation

•  Coverage
•  Story Analysis
•  Doctoring Session

Feasibility Study

•  Financial Research
•  Budgeting Viability
•  Distribution Booster

Market Analysis

•  Field Research
•  Comparative Films
•  Total Revenue Statistics

Agent Deals

Scripts with a 70 over 100 on script evaluation get a chance to be selected and linked to the right investors, producers, and distributors with a fee of 10% and a title recognition for Jay Dreams LLC filmmaking with a new mindset.



We will do our best to accommodate you and provide you with expert consultation for your script or film.

Here is what we offer:
– Consultancy sessions per hour – $100/hour
– Package per your needed services (varies according to components)


Jay Dreams collaborates with production houses and distribution companies worldwide to allow its clients to benefit from the best services in the industry throughout their filmmaking journey. If you are interested in being a part of this new initiative, please e-mail us at contact@jaydreams.net


Behind every unique film is a passionate thinker and an original idea.

At Jay Dreams, we are always on a global search for promising stories by talented writers across all ages, backgrounds, professions and countries of origin. To apply, share your pitch with us, in addition to the synopsis, treatment or script if your idea is developed.

We at Jay Dreams guarantee that your idea is protected by intellectual property rights legislation, and that it cannot be reproduced without your written consent.

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